21 Feb 2013

By Jordi Savall. Armenian Spirit

JORDI SAVALL - "Menk kaj tohmi" (Armenian traditional)
From albom "Armenian Spirit" (Esprit d'Arménie)

Жорди Саваль - "Menk kaj tohmi"  из альбома "Esprit d'Arménie" (Душа Армении)
исполнитель (виола да гамба) старинной европейской музыки, прежде всего эпохи барокко, а также армянской и еврейской традиционной музыки.

Jordi Savall has been one of the major figures in the field of Western early music since the 1970s, largely responsible for bringing the viol (viola da gamba) back to life on the stage. His characteristic repertory ranges from Medieval to Renaissance, Baroque and armenian music, though he has occasionally ventured into the classical or even the romantic period.

“Haunting and tragic, this CD is a double-lament — for Jordi Savall’s late wife, the singer Montserrat Figueras, who loved Armenian music, and for Armenia, with its long history of foreign subjugation and massacre...It is hypnotic and exquisitely melancholic.”
--The Times, 25th August 2012.
This is a beguiling, mesmeric sequence of instrumental music from Armenia, in which Hesperion XXI are joined by a group of that country s finest musicians.


1 - Menk kadj tohmi (duduk, vielle t., kamantcha, vielle b..)
2 - Akna krunk (2 duduk)
3 - Kani vur djan im(rebec, duduk, vielle & percussion)
4 - Chant et Danse (2 duduk& percussion)
5 - O’h intsh anush (vielle t., duduk, vielle b.& perc.)
6 - Matshkal (2 duduk)
7 - Dun en glkhen (kamantcha)
8 - Garun a (vielle t., duduk, vielle b.& perc.)
9 - Chants demariage (2 duduk, kamantcha & perc.)
10 - Al aylukhs (duduk, kamantcha, vielle t., vielle b.& perc.)
11 - Plainte: en sarer (2 duduk)
12 - Azat astvatsn & Ter kedzo (vielle & percussion)
13 - Sirt imsasani (2 duduk)
14 - Hayastan yerkir (viola, duduk & orgue)
15 - Hey djan (2 duduk)
16 - Hov arek (duduk, vielle t., vielle b., perc.)
17 - Lamento: sevmut amper (2 duduk)
18 - Alagyeaz & Khnki tsar (vielle, duduk, orgue & perc.)

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